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can-spam Proactive Approach
At NBS Corporate Group, our approach is proactive. This means we take action before you get blocked or go to the junk mailbox. Our strategies include a thorough analysis of your company's reputation in the online world.

This includes:

  • Checking blacklists, deliverability issues and reputation on a domain and mailing IP basis
  • Looking for issues that need to be resolved in order to increase traffic and maximize revenue potential. We will be contacting various organizations and individuals and research what has happened in both past and present to affect success of mail delivery

Procedure Analysis
We analyze your company's mailing procedures, including how your various domains actually send mail and examining the actual emails being sent out. At NBS Corporate Group, we take a thorough look at:

  • How your emails are set up as well as the information contained in them
  • Frequency along with unsubscribe methods and whether they are CAN SPAM compliant or compliant with other agencies such as the EU or PIPEDA

Analyzing your site privacy policies includes a detailed look at what your policies say as opposed to the procedures actually in place. It also looks at anything missing that should be contained or is legally required.

Domain Controls
NBS Corporate Group takes a deep look at how you market your domains and what controls are placed on any affiliates you may have as well as control of their mailing, monitoring their success along with things like scheduling of various different affiliate schemes which can greatly affect mailings.

After the conclusion of the audit, we begin detailing corrective actions to be taken. NBS Corporate Group will also be available to advise on any delays or ISP issues that may come up. We constantly monitor new changes in:

  • Law enforcement, ISP procedures or reputation issues involving your company which may arise and bring it to your attention.

We act on your behalf to respond to ALL email privacy issues and abuse complaints received by your company. This includes all requests to unsubscribe from your email lists as well as suppressing those consumers who wish never to receive email from your company again. By acting responsibly, you will enhance your brand in the eyes of your customers and consumers in general.

NBS Corporate Group addresses the corporate issue of having customer email communication blocked or delivered to the customer's junk mailbox. Contact us today and ensure that your corporate email is delivered to the inbox of your customers.